Super Sunday Era

After returning from hiatus in 2012-2013, Granite State Challenge underwent significant changes. While the game format underwent only minor tweaks, the selection process shifted. Instead of qualifying on a more or less automatic basis every other year, schools now participated in a qualifying test. The field was also limited to 16 teams for televised episodes. At first, the top 16 teams on the qualifying test participated, but over time, this evolved to including "wild card" teams, selected from the pool of non-qualifiers. To qualify for this pool, wild card teams cannot have appeared on a televised episode within the last two years. Beginning in the 2016-2017 season, the top 14 teams by qualifying score participate in the televised tournament. Four "wild card" teams are chosen from the eligible pool, and these teams participate in non-televised matches (though they are sometimes posted to, or on social media feeds), which determine the final two teams in the televised tournament.

The qualifying test format has varied over the years, but it always comprised 100 questions. In some years, tiebreakers have been built into the test, and in some years, particularly early on, ties were sometimes settled with non-televised matches.

Super Sunday Data 1

Below are the complete records of how each team who has participated since 2013 has fared.

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