The Granite State Challenge Connection

Welcome to the Granite State Challenge Connection, the most complete repository of information about Granite State Challenge there is!

What is Granite State Challenge?

Granite State Challenge is a quiz show on New Hampshire PBS, locally produced for more than 30 years. It features two teams of high school students, battling it out for points and bragging rights. Think of it as Jeopardy for teams.

This website aims to document the complete history of the show, with statistics and records from every season, every school, every game!

Granite State Challenge is played in four rounds. While the format has shifted over time, it has been fairly similar. Currently, Round 1 features 10 point toss up questions. Round 2, which once was the bonus round, features 20 point toss up questions. The 3rd Round is called the 60-Second Round, in which both teams are given 60 seconds to answer 10 questions in a given category. If a team gets all 10 correct, they are given a bonus of 10 points. The final round again features toss up questions worth 20 points, but incorrect answers penalized 20 points.

Jim Jeannotte, legendary host of Granite State Challenge from 1985 to 2018.